HM Environmental technologies provides and promotes green initiatives for a more sustainable future

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Our Intelligent Green Board System

Our motto is "Collect, Reuse and Recycle". We reclaim used wood and through procesing we upcycle the wood into hoardings and multi-purpose wood boards.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to promote and execute environmentally friendly. We encourage reduction of waste, reuse of materials, and preventing habitat destruction. Our company explore innovative concepts and breakthrough technologies, promoting to the public and cultivating green concerns.

We start promoting the green concerns in Hong Kong. We hope to spread the idea to China Guangdong Province, followed by other cities in China. It is planned to further promote to other Asian cities, for example: Singapore and Taiwan.

Our mission:

Our mission is to bring innovative concepts to promote material reuse. We mainly focus of wooden boards. At this stage, we promote hoarding rental and reuse program. It is also an educational practice that shows public materials do have their value after use. Our promotional campaign starts in Hong Kong.


HM Environmental Technologies aims at bringing innovative technological concept to our hoarding rental service platform. We are leading hoarding installation to a modulus system standardized and systemic era. We are developing an I-platform for e-ordering, e-caupon and gift taking promotion linking with renovation shops. Moreover, membership offers to make closer in retail sector so that it creates more opportunities in various promotion without time limitation in the future!


By replacing traditional hoardings with HM Intelligent Green Boards, trees and energy can be saved. We also reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Good as it is, HM Intelligent Green Boards are not something expensive. It is just of similar price as that of the traditional hoardings. On the other hand, corporations can save money on waste charging scheme.

A certificate will be provided to your company upon joining the upcycling scheme. Using recycled product is a crucial element when it comes to demonstrating the green value of your company. Your choice towards a sustainable future make a difference!

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